Magic Box B Tongue Licking 12 Vibration Bullet Egg(Pink)
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The Magic Box is a versatile vibrator, powerful and extremely discreet. The product is compact, measuring only 5cm x 2.5cm.

This product is rechargeable and made of soft, silky silicone. One end of the Magic Box features a tongue-shaped tip that simulates oral licking, while the other end is a bullet vibrator.

It has 12 vibration frequencies and 12 licking frequencies that can be controlled through the included box-shaped controller.

Powerful and quiet, it provides intense sensory experiences, whether used to lick the clitoris or to stimulate sensitive nipples.

The compact powder box design allows the product to be carried anywhere without drawing attention.

- Charging: Type-C Charging
- Product Size: 100*60*35mm
- Packaging Size: 130*71*38mm
- Net Weight: 106g
- Packaging Weight: 121g

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