Premium Aphrodisiac Cream for AV Production Scenes - Pro
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The arousal cream of choice on Japan's porn shoots, the Extreme Arousal Cream Pro gets you as wet and horny as top performers need to get for their rigorous sessions. A new blend of three winning ingredients (maca extract, guaraná, and citrulline), the cream is easy to rub on to the most sensitive parts of your body, and has an effect almost immediately.

Apply the cream yourself or integrate it into foreplay. Then let your you-know-what really gush and release its innate passion. The cream is especially popular with slightly older female performers who find it harder to get wet naturally due to their age.

- Used on Japanese porn production shoots
- Contains maca extract, guaraná, citrulline, glyercin, water-soluble collagen, etc.
- Unscented
- Clear
- Easy to wipe off
- Weight: 10 g (0.4 oz)

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